Camp Overview

QB #cometrainwithus

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, the rest of 2020 we will only be offering one on one Training


Train with the Bo Levi Mitchell. Be ready to work! QBs that want to learn to stretch properly, workout specific muscles to strengthen your arm, train your footwork to match your throws and learn how to identify and beat all coverage…THIS IS FOR YOU! And Bo will be doing every drill, workout and throw with you. This is the way he trains and prepares for 2021 and he wants you to join him on the journey!

Wide Receivers #cometrainwithus

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, we will only be offering one on one sessions for the remainder of 2020.



Camp Description:
Working agility footwork, ball catching techniques and explosive play at the WR position through drill work. Receivers will learn to consistently catch with strong hands and learn techniques  to beat defenders in man and zone coverages. Working alongside your coach, you will see live representation of how to attach the defenders when route running and how to attack the ball in the air from a pro wide out!

D-Line & Linebackers #cometrainwithus

Due to COVID 19 restrictions we are only offering one on one sessions for the remainder of 2020.


Coach Mike Rose has played all over the front 7 defensively. In these sessions he will work on pass rush, hand work/speed, run responsibility and overall confidence in making plays on the defensive side of the ball.

Ignite x ALFA Project

High School 10 Week Football Strength & Skill Program 


The AFLA project and Ignite Football Academy have partnered up to create a 1 of a kind program for High School Football players. The 10 week program will consist of 4 sessions/week. 2 sessions/week at the ALFA gym where athletes will be put through a strength and conditioning program created for Football players. The other 2 days a week athletes will get small group position specific coaching from Ignite Coaches.

Jan 4- Mar 12

Strength Sessions:
Tues/Thurs 5:30-6:30pm @ Vision Sports Centre

Skills Sessions:
Friday 5-7pm (1 hr block dependent on position) 
Saturday AM TBD

Limited space available. Register before it sells out!


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