One-on-One Quarterback Coaching with Bo Levi Mitchell


Limited number of coaching hours available, contact us for pricing and scheduling

QB will receive:
• Uninterrupted 1 on 1 training with Bo Levi Mitchell
• 2 x 2 hour sessions
• QB/Parents can let us know ahead of time what they think are strengths and weaknesses are so that Bo can assess in person and create specific drills to target areas of growth

What to Expect:
First two (2) hour session will include:
– Unique drills from Coach Bo to teach QB to throw “THROUGH” a WR not “TO” him.
– Throw through windows with timing and touch.
– Difference in how much touch to put on certain passes for specific routes.
– Film to show breakdown in mechanics/footwork and how to improve them.

Second two (2) hour session will include:
– start with drills and mechanics to see improvement from 1st session
– Pocket movement and that 6th sense pocket presence
– Drills to throw on the run
– Competitive drills with Coach Bo executing the drills with you


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