Guiding Principles

Bo Levi Mitchell and Deron Mayo believe in life you are meant to leave a legacy, and only you can decide what that legacy will be.   Mitchell and Mayo instill confidence and leadership in everyone around them, ultimately teaching that you, and you alone, are responsible for your actions.

Ignite Football Academy is created by professional athletes to bring a one of a kind coaching experience to Calgary.  Our aim is to fuel the next generation of athletes by teaching a combination of skill and leadership.   We understand that part of achieving the best means you should learn from the best.  We stand behind creating great men first, leaders in the community off the field, then football players who WILL excel when they step on the field at every level.

Guiding Principles

These guiding principles will develop the foundation necessary for the IFA to achieve our goals. These priorities will direct, lead and strengthen our commitment to football development and provide programs and services, centered on athletic performance.


Promote a unified, integrated approach for the development of emerging athletes, through the delivery of athlete experience centered programs.


Create local, provincial and national strategic partnerships that will enhance the support available for emerging athletes.

Community Investment

We will encourage positivity and influence good decision-making through sport, while tying in the direct correlation between education, community service, and future endeavors of our young, impressionable athletes.

Sport Development

Enhance Football in the community by utilizing professional expertise and experience to develop the next generation of athletes.


We will build community, leadership, and life skills. IFA athletes will take core values they learn during camp and apply it directly to all aspects of their life.


IFA will build excellent football players, and overall athletes, ultimately to enhance character


“Today’s youth must learn to follow, then and only then, can they truly understand what it takes to lead a group in the right direction” ~ Bo Levi Mitchell


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